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I recently had the privilege of attending two masterclasses with Esther Huijsmans on connecting with confidence and personal branding, and it was an incredible experience. Esther shared valuable insights and practical tips from her experiences in numerous events such as FIFA World Cups, Olympic Games, and UEFA competitions, making her an inspiration to women out there, especially in the sports industry. Two of my biggest takeaways from these sessions were to take action and keep trying, even if I fail. These insights will help me achieve even greater success. Esther's masterclass was truly informative, engaging, and inspiring. I feel grateful for the opportunity to learn from such an accomplished professional. Thank you so much, Esther, for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us!
Preethy Janarthanan
The SUCCESS programme is a true investment in yourself, especially if you're a woman working in the sports/events industry. Esther has walked the same path, and she can propel your professional career into a higher gear. Esther shows you what you need to work on; she's clear, practical, and with a variety of exercises (ranging from down-to-earth to sometimes even a bit spiritual), you discover your areas for improvement and receive a nice confirmation of what you're good at.
Eva Wiggelendam
I was part of Kick-ES masterclass and Esther taught us participants about mastering confidence and personal branding. For me, that was the best investment I did in 2023 so far. I’ve learned how to work better with myself and recognize my strengths and weaknesses and working through them which was very important for me. I’ve got a clearer picture of myself because I had the opportunity to learn and interact with an amazing woman that KNOWS what she speaks about. Thank you Esther for reminding me to KICK A$$ and how valuable I am. Your work inspired me on a very personal level and professional level. You succeeded with inspiring me (which is hard) 😉 So you probably inspire thousands if not millions of women around the world. I truly recommend this master class, for everyone who is looking to have a big return on their investment.
Amani Ali
In our coaching sessions, Esther managed to get my motivation up to speed again. Before starting the coaching programme with Esther, I had a wish, but saw a huge mountain, which needed overcoming. I knew what I needed to do, but would not find the motivation to start. I did not know where to start. First of all Esther asked me to speak about my wish. She asked a lot of questions, which made me see my project as well as the challenges and possibilities from a different angle. By writing down certain steps the project "became alive". At the same time, the "mountain" was broken down into little pieces and therefore seems more feasible to be overcome. Of course the usual self doubts came accross - and actually still do. But Esther taught me how to live with them, how to be aware of what is going on and gave me simple tips of how "bumps" can be overcome.The coaching is ideal for someone, who actually knows what to do, but needs a boost of motivation and self confidence along the way.
Antonetta Santagata
Working with Esther is highly recommended, as she creates a safe environment where you can be vulnerable. This is a prerequisite for growth for me. Esther's strength is that she draws from her own life experiences and empathises well with others' situations. What I appreciate about interacting with Esther is that she listens and reflects. The SUCCESS method is well-suited for working on personal development across various aspects, and its specific themes allow for customisation when you gain an insight you want to work on more. There's plenty of room to express your needs.
Jill Eekhart
Esther was one of the UEFA Assist Experts for the Football for Women Programme in India. Collaborating with Esther was seamless, thanks to her profound understanding of women in sports. Her extensive experience provided invaluable insights, highlighting the universal challenges and triumphs faced by women in sports, regardless of their country. Esther’s approachable nature and ongoing support have been a tremendous asset to everyone she mentors. She is a wonderful person to work with, and I wholeheartedly wish her all the best in her future endeavors.
Hem Kaur Sidhu
Head of Women's Football,
All India Football Federation
Esther is a fantastic coach. She radiates a very positive vibe. With a wealth of experience, she knows how to help you find the right paths; to motivate you to persevere, even when things get tough, and above all, to listen and ask the right questions, leading you to many insights. I've greatly benefited from my journey with her and would definitely recommend such a programme.
Annemarijn Cohen Tervaert

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