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As a woman with over 20 years of experience in the world of football, I know that successful leadership is not determined by gender, but by the unique qualities and skills that an individual possesses.

Unfortunately, I still see too many women underestimating themselves and being too hesitant to claim their place at the top.
It’s high time to change this mindset and take the lead.

Just as it’s important for a football team to utilize the individual skills of each player to win as a team, it’s crucial for female leaders to develop and utilize their unique qualities to be successful in leadership.

In my signature speech “The Winning Game Plan: Strategies for Female Leaders to Succeed “, I share practical tips and inspiring stories to help women discover and harness their leadership potential, break through the glass ceiling, and claim their place at the top. The time for hesitation is over, it’s time to score!
From the “glass ceiling” to “the sky is the limit!”

Other topics you can book me for:

Working at major sports events such as FIFA World Cups & the Olympic Games

What does it take to organise a big sports event? How is project management handled? You'll deal with truly hard deadlines, as the opening match of the World Cup cannot be postponed.

Connecting with Confidence: my best networking tips & tricks

Help, I need to network. In this talk, I'll share how you can network without becoming a "business card scatterer" and I'll share my best tips & tricks that helped me secure assignments at events like the FIFA World Cup, the Olympics, and Tomorrowland Winter.

Working internationally

From Azerbaijan to Switzerland, I've worked in many countries and, especially, with various cultures. In this talk, I'll share my top tips on working in other countries. How do you respectfully navigate local customs and get things done in collaboration? I'll share anecdotes from my unique experiences in places like Brazil, Qatar, and Russia.

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