Yes, but that’s just how I am….

Yes, but that’s just the way I am.

“I’m just a perfectionist, I’m just someone who doesn’t like to seek the spotlight, I’m just overly responsible.”

How often I’ve heard this. And don’t get me wrong; I’ve undoubtedly said this in the past.

But what I want to challenge you with on this Sunday is the simple question: “Is that so?”
Is it really true?
Or is it something that might have been said to you, and you’ve identified with it? Is it something that isn’t true at all, but because you’ve taken it as truth, you’ve sought all sorts of ‘evidence’ for it? Because that’s just the way ‘you are’?

And what if that’s not the case?
What if it’s something that was just made up, and that you can explore out of curiosity? What if it is not your identity but just a part of your behavior?
“I am…” is a big statement, after all. There’s no room for change in it.

Take a look at this example:

1) I am just a perfectionist


2) I know that I have perfectionistic behavior

Do you feel the difference? And yes, as a former perfectionist (I will record an English podcast about it), I certainly have the right to speak on this.

What I want to convey in this Inspiration Boost is this incredibly important difference. Because with option 1, you’re stuck, and there’s no possibility for growth. It probably isn’t even true because I dare to bet that you’re not a perfectionist in every area of your life, but you’ve linked your identity to it. Instead of it being a part of your behavior.

Do you feel how option 2 has a completely different connotation? That you’re doing something doesn’t mean you are something. And it implies that other behavior is also possible, which is indeed the case. This other behavior may not always be easy because you’ve been telling yourself this for 20, 30, 40, maybe even 50 years.

But it’s possible, really. And it’s even easier than you think and, most importantly, more fun. Because you’ll discover sides of yourself you didn’t even know you had.
If I had listened to my inner voices, you would have never read this Inspiration Boost. Because: perfectionism, what do I have to say, I’m not creative, is my English good enough…

And if you regularly read my Inspiration Boost, then I think you get something valuable out of it; otherwise, you would have unsubscribed.
So, what inner voices do you still have in your head? What stories do you tell yourself that no longer serve you? What stories are holding you back from taking the next step in your career?

This week, I was added to the Sportsspeakers roster, the Dutch agency when it comes to speakers in the sports business, and I’m quite proud of that. I’m right there among those big names in sports😊
If I had continued to listen to my earlier voices ‘who’s interested in my story, I hate presenting,’ this would never have happened. But these were just stories I at the time told myself and accepted as the truth. Which wasn’t the case.

What I also did is that I contacted them myself. Instead of waiting and hoping that I might someday be approached, I approached them with the simple question: “what is needed to be included in your database?” So out of curiosity.

Many women (and also men) don’t even take that step; they’re afraid of failure, afraid of looking bad in front of others, and as a result, they abandon their big dreams. But in reality, they fail themselves. We have only one life, and how do you want to look back on it?

That’s why it’s so important to raise your hand. Do you know how many opportunities you miss because you don’t raise your hand? Promotion opportunities, exciting projects, job satisfaction, and even cold hard cash?

Next Tuesday, September 19th, at 12:00 CET, I’m giving my free online Masterclass where I’ll tell you how not raising your hand is one of your biggest career saboteurs, plus six other ways you’re sabotaging yourself.

Yes, I’d love to be there!

To conclude this blog: I will soon launch an English group programme.
It will be transformative💖
; we will have deep-dive online Masterclasses, Q&A’s and much more.
In the coming week, I’m locking myself in a vacation home (with a sauna, already looking forward to it😅
) to further develop this programme.

Would you like to be kept informed about this programme? Please send me a message, and I’ll make sure you’re the first to be informed and receive the best offer.

Esther Huijsmans

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