Do you allow yourself to be a beginner again?

Being in my mid 40s, I realise a lot of people my age (and even a lot younger) just stop doing new things❌

They don’t even allow themselves to try it.
They hold back due to the fear of failure or judgement and are stuck in their comfort zones.

But, isn’t life about growth, about continuous learning, about stretching our boundaries and discovering new aspects of ourselves? 💫

Remember, age is not a barrier; it’s merely a number. It should never prevent you from pursuing new interests, passions, or even career paths.

If you allow yourself to start exploring new things, you might surprise yourself and discover unknown strengths or passions💖

Had you told me 10 years ago that I’d be creating podcasts, making videos, writing Inspiration Boosts and enjoying public speaking and training large groups today, I’d have laughed out loud.
But I allowed myself to be a beginner again….

Have you ever pursued a passion or a dream later in life than what’s considered ‘normal’? Share your inspiring stories! 📚

📩 this postcard is By Mar – Marianne Reinders

p.s. now that I have your attention😉: one other new thing I started is to give Feminine Leadership Masterclasses (in English & Dutch)
Free if you attend it live.
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Esther Huijsmans

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