But Esther, I already tried it before and it didn’t work so I gave up….

It’s pretty often that I get DM’s like this.

From people that have tried to connect with others but they didn’t get a response….
From people that posted once about their ambition or even their availability and they didn’t immediately get a lot of offers….

And let me help you there.

▶️ Do you think Cristiano Ronaldo, Serena Williams or Max Verstappen (just to name a few) were successful after trying once?
▶️ Do you think you will have a sixpack after one core training?
▶️ Do you think it is possible to run a marathon after your first 1 km run?

You might laugh at these examples, because you know the answer.
But…that is exactly what happens with you.

Expecting a great result after one training.

Success takes consistency.
To get fitter & better I train regularly. And that’s what I do in my personal development as well.

I train myself to get better; I allow myself to learn.
I post regularly. And one post will have a great impact and reach while the other might not reach that many persons.
Just like my reachout to people will not always have the same result.

It’s just like sports training😉

To get the results you want will need the following C’s:

✅ Credibility: work on the know – like – trust factor
✅ Congruency: practice what you preach
✅ Consistency: read the whole post again
✅ Confidence: and if you follow these steps and you love what you’re doing, the confidence will come💪

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Esther Huijsmans

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