You cannot expect different results by doing the same things over and over again…

So: if you want different results, what do you think is necessary?

✅ Change your approach!

Seems logical, not?

And yet, I see so many people trying the same thing over and over again and expect different results🙈

But how do you change your approach?
It’s actually easier than you think:

▶️ Be open and curious
▶️ Go and experiment, try to do things differently than you previously did it, see it as a test
▶️ Allow yourself to f̵a̵i̵l̵ learn
▶️ Do more of what works and stop doing what doesn’t work
▶️ And most importantly: learn from people who already walked the path you aspire

And yes, you can keep trying it yourself, but why not take the shortcut?
I invest a lot in trainers, mentors and coaches in order to learn from them: to get their best practices, to learn from their mistakes.

For me it is also one of the reasons to share my knowledge.

Tonight at 20:00 CET I will host the Personal Branding Masterclass.
In this Masterclass I will share how you can also become the go-to-person of your industry, the person that is top of mind.

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If you decide to join, you will also receive the replay of the Connecting with Confidence Masterclass.
If you cannot attend live, you will receive the replay.

Esther Huijsmans

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