Incompany training/workshops

Often ‘the only woman at the table’, with 20+ years of experience in the world of football, I know firsthand which challenges women in male-dominated industries face.
In my Incompany Training and Workshops, I share practical tips and insights, empowering women to present themselves with greater power and confidence without compromising their femininity.

Feminine Leadership is not just about hard work; it’s about finding a balance between drive and self-care.

In my training sessions, I will show you how to leverage your feminine qualities to succeed and demonstrate that being a strong and capable leader doesn’t require sacrificing your authenticity or femininity.

My training sessions, infused with a touch of humor and football jargon, provide actionable advice for addressing challenges within your organisation, such as setting boundaries, assertiveness, and feedback.

Are you ready to level up your organisation’s game? Book me for a workshop or InCompany Training and let’s level up!

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