Why are you so hard on yourself?

Yes, I’m talking to you, ambitious woman, you, female leader.
Yesterday I had a kick-off session with an amazing woman with a lot of ambition.
At a sudden moment she started to cry.

Not when we were talking about the challenges she had.
Not when we were discussing which skills she could improve.
No, she started to cry when I told her the greatness I saw in her.

Because she couldn’t believe it.
Because she was so hard on herself.
Because she also realised how much she was sabotaging herself; how much energy went to these negative thoughts, talking her down all the time.
That is why I do this work.

Because I want these women to feel their own greatness.
Because I want them to see what they are capable of, just as I see it.
Because we need women like her as female leaders.
The women who are brave enough to invest in themselves, are willing to go through their challenges, pain and shadow sides in order to grow.

In order to show up as the actual Female Leader they are.

I am excited for months ahead.
Because if this can happen in just one session, imagine where we stand at the end of the programme.
So, my dear ambitious women, female leaders, remember to be kind to yourselves. Embrace your strengths, believe in your abilities, and let go of the self-imposed expectations and criticisms.

You are already amazing💖💫

Esther Huijsmans

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