Who sits behind your wheel?

For most of the women I work with, it’s the hard worker (yup, it takes one to know one).

They don’t want to be the spoiled little girl or the princess.
They put in work that often goes unseen in a men’s world, and when they feel their work is not acknowledged, they only work harder and harder.

And it’s not a strange thing: this drive for status through busyness is deeply ingrained in our culture. How often do you hear the question ‘How are you?’ answered with ‘Busy’ and that is supposed to be positive….🤔

Inviting the little princess 👑 to take the wheel again could bring you a sense of joy, playfulness, and spontaneity that may have been missing from your life.

It could also help you find a better balance between work and fun.
Allowing yourself to let go of the pressure to work harder and harder can be liberating and empowering, leading to a more effective feminine leadership style: it allows you to lead from a place of authenticity and empathy.

So….where can you invite the spoiled girl or the princess to take the wheel again?
How can you see that it is not necessary to work harder and harder to be a true feminine leader?
What would it bring you to invite the princess again?

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Esther Huijsmans

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