Where in your career have you been playing it safe?

Ask yourself this question: Where in your life are you still opting for the familiar route where you feel comfortable, but deep down, you know there is more for you.
Perhaps you can relate. You see that dream job passing by, but you don’t apply because you think you don’t meet all the requirements. You want to pursue that promotion, but you hold yourself back out of fear that you can’t handle it. Or you hesitate to invest in yourself because you believe you’re not worthy.
But what if I told you that it is often in that leap into the unknown where the greatest growth and fulfillment lie? By challenging yourself and stepping outside your comfort zone, you discover new possibilities and develop new skills.
Don’t let that one job slip away because you think you don’t meet all the requirements. Seize that promotion with both hands, even if you have doubts. And believe in yourself, because you are absolutely worth investing in.
You may still fear the unknown, but imagine yourself a year from now, still stuck in the same place. Or two years? Or five years? How does that feel?

Will you be satisfied with a life full of “what if’s” and missed opportunities? Life is too short for that, isn’t it?
Today, I challenge you to make a conscious choice.

Evaluate the areas where you find yourself playing it safe and consider if it’s time to embark on a new path.

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Will you continue to play it safe and miss out on life’s exciting opportunities or will you choose to be bold and go for the exciting journey of growth and
adventure? The choice is yours!

Esther Huijsmans

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