Today, 5 years ago, the FIFA World Cup 2018 started

This was my first tournament working as a Marketing Venue Manager for FIFA.
Something I wanted for a long time; to be involved in such an event from the rights holder’s site.
This opportunity actually came by coincidence.
It was partly because of the Netherlands not qualifying for the World Cup. Because I often travel as a fan to the final tournaments.
When they hadn’t qualified, I thought ‘in that case, I could also try to go and work there’.
And so it happened.
I sent out a few messages (or it might just have been one…not something I’d recommend now, but it worked😅) and I was given the opportunity to work for FIFA.
It wasn’t my first World Cup; it was the first from right holder’s site.
Since the most asked question here on LinkedIn is how I got into the world of sports events and work for clients as FIFA & UEFA, I decided to go international with my podcast.

I’ve recorded a podcast about my 10 best tips for people who want to work in the sports business.
Click here to listen to episode 1🎙️
The podcast’s main topic will be Feminine Leadership but….it will be interesting for men too (and this episode definitely)😉
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Esther Huijsmans

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