The power of asking

July 2009, the younger version of me had no idea what lay ahead.
That she would work on numerous FIFA World Cups, would be a UEFA Venue Director, that she would empower women all over the world with her Feminine Leadership Trainings….

She had dreams, of course. And it was her decision years before that already set her on the path to success in the world of sports.

There was one thing that made a remarkable difference: the power of asking

✅ Asking others about their interests, motivations, and challenges
✅ Asking for what she wanted and taking bold steps to make it happen
✅ Asking questions when things weren’t clear or out of pure curiosity
✅ Asking mentors powerful questions to propel her career forward
✅ Asking herself empowering questions to overcome obstacles and achieve her goals (how can I ……)

Sadly, many people shy away from asking because:
❌ They fear rejection
❌ They worry about being judged
❌ They are afraid of looking foolish

But here’s the truth: what’s worse, the temporary discomfort of asking or the regret of never trying at all?

If you’re ready to embrace the power of asking and unleash your full potential, I invite you to join my free online Feminine Leadership Masterclass. Tuesday 18 July, 16:00 CET, designed for women in male-dominated industries, this masterclass addresses common mistakes and empowers you to thrive in your professional journey.

Don’t let fear hold you back. It’s time to dare to ask and take charge of your leadership path.

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Esther Huijsmans

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