“I’m not being taken seriously”

It’s one of the answers I frequently get when I ask women working in a male-dominated industry – such as the sports industry – what their biggest challenge is.

Working in a leadership role, you may have experienced feeling unheard or dismissed. It’s easy to point fingers at the external world.

However, I challenge you to reflect: is it genuinely the case?
Or could it possibly be that you’re not taking yourself seriously?

Are you truly not being respected, or are you failing to respect your own abilities, talents, and leadership?
The point is: if you say that you’re not being taken seriously, you are actually placing yourself in the victim’s position, giving your control completely out of hands; it undermines your power and potential. Though victimhood might provide temporary sympathy, it doesn’t pave the way to respect or empowerment.

So, what’s within your control? What can you do about it?
Recognise your power to control your narrative. Assert your worth, embrace your abilities, and step into your leadership role with confidence. Fostering respect begins with self-assurance and taking yourself seriously.
Ready to start the journey of self-reflection and empowerment?

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Esther Huijsmans

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