Don’t let other people’s opinions stop you from following your own path

You might trigger people.
Not everybody will understand you or your ambitions.
You might even lose people on the way.

And that is more than ok.

It is more than ok to have ambition.
It is more than ok to share your successes.
It is more than ok to take your stage and to actually be yourself!

In fact, I’m going to say it loud and clear: you owe it to yourself to step into your full potential and greatness ✨

And it will inspire the right persons💖
Some people will love what you’re doing, some won’t.

If others are triggered by your actions, it says more about them than it does about you.
Most of the time, they want what you do or have (consciously but most of the time unconsciously) but are too afraid to step up themselves. Or they’re afraid that the relationship will change when you start to change.

The question to you is: do you really want to hang around people who want to keep you small and don’t want you to shine?

I always see life like a train ride: some people will travel with you for just a few stops, others for the entire journey. And if a relationship no longer works, it’s ok to let go.
That also is feminine leadership.

But please, don’t let other people’s opinions stop you from following your own path.

Are you struggling to stay true to yourself despite the opinions of others?

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Esther Huijsmans

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