A lot of women don’t take their stage

Many women aren’t seizing the spotlight – and not just on the literal stage.

In countless organisations, brilliant women are holding back.
They’re not stepping up, speaking out, or making their presence felt. It’s not just about being in the limelight; it’s about actively contributing, sharing unique perspectives, and driving change.

They aren’t showing up out of fear of judgement, the risk of failure or because of self-doubt.

And at what cost? 
By not showing up, you are missing out on so many opportunities – promotions, collaborations, mentorships, and the chance to leave a lasting impact.

💪 Here’s the Thing: How Long Do You Keep Hiding? 
Seriously, what’s holding you back? The more you hide, the more you’re robbing yourself. Think promotions, recognition, a network that’s worth its weight in gold, and the unshakable confidence that you, yes YOU, are a force to be reckoned with. The clock’s ticking. Unleash yourself🚀

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Esther Huijsmans

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